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Facelift Surgery Can Give You the Fully Refreshed Look You Desire

A facelift procedure which is also referred to as a rhytidectomy, is one of the most well-known and talked about cosmetic procedures. It can also be one of the more rewarding procedures in that it is directed towards the correction of the aging facial features and thus should help in the restoration of a more youthful appearance. Dr. James Lacey is a skilled plastic surgeon who provides customized facelift surgery at his Ottawa, Ontario, office. Contact the office today to learn more.

Facelift Surgery

A drawing of a woman showing incision marks where full facelift surgery is performed.Facelift surgery, involves the removal of excess facial skin, repositioning the skin as illustrated (Diagram A), tightening of the underlying soft tissue in the direction as outlined (Diagram B), in addition to treating the muscles of the neck region and fatty deposits situated along the jaw line and cheek.

Other procedures are often combined with facelift surgery which may include liposuction of the neck, muscle treatment of the forehead, eyebrow lifting, eyelid surgery, skin resurfacing, facial implant placement, fat grafting and possibly even nasal surgery.

Prior to surgery, Dr. James Lacey will need to assess the extent of facial fat distribution, thickness, texture and elasticity of your skin as well as your hair line position in an effort to individualize your facelift procedure.

A diagram showing the areas of the face that are lifted during full facelift surgery.Although there is some variability in the incisions made to gain access of the underlying soft tissue, it is most common to have incisions made just in front of the ear extending around the earlobe and then directed back into the hairline (Diagram C).

An incision is quite often placed underneath the chin area in order that the fat and redundant muscles can be treated. In general, the scars heal quite nicely although all potential risks of surgery including expectations and limitations of such surgery should be discussed extensively with Dr. James Lacey prior to operative intervention.

Most facelifts are performed on an outpatient basis although on occasion an overnight stay may be offered. The surgery may be accomplished utilizing either local neuroleptic type anesthesia or alternatively a general anesthetic.

The Procedure

The procedure usually takes approximately three hours to complete with a one hour recovery. Patients are then discharged with strict postoperative instructions.

A diagram showing a woman with stitching after facelift has been performed.The majority of patients will be ready to go back to work in about 10 to 14 days although depending upon individual healing variables, this may be somewhat longer. On occasion, some patients experience a period of depression following their surgery which may require reassurance and additional support. Finally, although patients are quite happy with their results, additional areas of improvement may be considered. In particular, a good skin care program and/or CO2 laser might very well improve excessive skin wrinkles. For your skin care needs, please call the office for a free medical esthetician consultation prior to proceeding with surgery.

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