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Lip Augmentation for Fuller Lips

Lip augmentation, also referred to as lip enhancement, has become a relatively common procedure for women of all ages.

Lip anatomy varies not only between patients but is also altered throughout the aging process.

Your Options

The surgical options include the use of Alloderm, soft silastic implants or fat injection. Alternatively patients tend to prefer the use of injectable filler materials whether they be in the form of temporary Hyaluronic acids RESTYLANE and PERLANE (Medicis) and JUVEDERM (Allergan), EVOLENCE® or finally the more permanent ARTESENSE.

Please refer to the Skin Care Section under Dermal Fillers for more details of the specific products.

If you would like to learn more about Lip Augmention, please keep reading below. If you would like to speak with Dr. James Lacey, you can request a consultation by clicking here.

About Lip Augmentation

The most commonly desired post surgical lip appearance is one resulting in a fuller, more prominent or voluptuous look. Patients generally request an augmentation of the vermilion border or enhancement of the mucosa itself.

The various injectable materials are placed along the lip margin (vermilion) and or the mucosa area. Alternatively, the permanent injectable ARTESENSE or surgically placed softform is positioned along the vermilion, utilizing a small mucosal incision which generally heals without a trace of any residual scarring. For a more permanent type of mucosal augmentation result, Dr. Lacey prefers the use of ALLODERM which is quite easily placed through a small incision inside the mouth. On rare occasions, the best surgical option may involve the need to excise the lip margin in an effort to elevate the vermilion border and/or bring the mucosa more superiorly.

In the older patient population laser resurfacing using CO2, Pixel or dermabrasion is frequently offered in conjunction with lip augmentation procedures in an effort to treat the numerous perioral wrinkles. BOTOX can also help reduce the amount and depth of wrinkles around the mouth. The choice of materials and procedure offered will vary depending upon individual requests and specific anatomical variables. In each case the risk/benefit and specific requests need to be addressed. All procedures are routinely performed using local anesthesia in an office setting. The upper lip is generally treated either alone or in conjunction with the lower lip although it can be treated in isolation.


The recovery process (from 1 to 2 days and up to 7 to 10 days) and surgical costs vary considerably depending on the surgical option chosen by the patient. Although the risks associated with these procedures are relatively uncommon they should all be discussed in addition to the limitations and expectations with Dr. James Lacey prior to proceeding with surgical intervention.

If you would like to speak with Dr. James Lacey, you can request a consultation by clicking here.

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