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Achieve Facial Symmetry with Chin Surgery

Mentoplasty, also known as chin surgery, can help patients achieve their desired facial proportions. This can be accomplished by augmenting the chin with an implant or reducing the size of the jawline to create more definition. With nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. James Lacey has developed an artistic eye to give patients the most aesthetically pleasing results. He uses a conservative approach to help patients achieve beautiful and natural-looking results. 

A man with a rounded jawline
Chin surgery can augment or reduce the size of the chin for a more balanced appearance.

Cosmetic Reasons to Undergo Chin Surgery

Chin surgery can address several cosmetic issues for patients who may be dissatisfied with the proportions of their chin. Mentoplasty can:

  • Enlarge the chin with an implant to reduce the appearance of a double chin, enhance a weak chin, or create a stronger jawline
  • Reduce the size of the chin with bone surgery to create a more refined shape and make the chin less pointy or squared off
  • Create a better balance with all your facial features
  • Change the perceived size of the nose

For more dramatic results, patients commonly combine mentoplasty with rhinoplasty or cheek augmentation. Dr. James Lacey can review all these options with you during a consultation.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. James Lacey has developed an artistic eye to give patients the most aesthetically pleasing results.

The Mentoplasty Procedure

Chin surgery may take an hour to 90 minutes to complete. Of course, if you will be undergoing other procedures, your surgery could take longer. However, as with any surgery, we can first administer anesthesia so you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Whether you are in need of chin augmentation or reduction, Dr. James Lacey can create incisions either inside the lower lip or underneath the chin. These placement options ensure minimal and discreet scarring.

For an augmentation procedure, a synthetic implant is inserted through the incision and into a small pocket in the tissue in the chin. Dr. James Lacey can carefully position the implant to achieve your desired look before closing the incision with sutures. If you require a chin reduction, Dr. James Lacey can use surgical instruments to remove excess bone from the chin. Once he has reduced the chin bone and created a symmetrical shape, he can close the incision.

Aftercare and Recovery

Because you will be sedated during your procedure, you will need someone to drive you home following your chin surgery. You may need to take a week or more off work to recover. For the first few days, you should limit your diet to liquids and soft foods. You can expect to return to your normal activity level in approximately two weeks. 

Enhance Your Facial Features

If you are interested in chin augmentation or reduction surgery to achieve more proportionate facial features, call Dr. James Lacey's office at (613) 722-7912 or contact us online today. Dr. James Lacey can evaluate your chin and determine if you are a good mentoplasty candidate. He can also discuss the potential for combining your chin surgery with another facial procedure for a more dramatic enhancement to your appearance.

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