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Undergo Tummy Tuck Surgery for a Beautifully Smooth Silhouette

This surgery removes excess skin and stretch marks, flattens the abdominal muscles and removes unwanted fat deposits. The need for such surgery is often indicated for women who have had repeated pregnancies, weight loss or gains and for those patients who present with poor muscle tone, secondary to previous abdominal surgical procedures. Dr. James Lacey is a skilled plastic surgeon who offers tummy tuck at his Ottawa, Ontario, office. To learn more about this and other body sculpting treatments, contact us today.

Determining if Abdominoplasty is Right for You

A beautiful woman wearing a white bikini.Although proper diets and exercise programs may be helpful in eliminating the need for this kind of surgery, more commonly it is the only form of intervention available to help improve one’s abdominal appearance. In some instances liposuction may be a substitute for a full abdominoplasty type procedure but is more often used in conjunction with a tummy tuck.

The procedure itself is routinely performed utilizing a general anesthetic on an outpatient basis, or alternatively, may take place within a hospital setting in an overnight stay situation. The total cost of your procedure will depend on several factors, including the techniques used and the extensiveness of your surgery.

About the Procedure

The surgery involves placing an incision in the lower abdominal area, in an effort to stay within the bikini line/natural crease (Diagram A).

The skin is elevated up to the costal margin, fat is suctioned if necessary, the muscles tightened (Diagram B) and then the excessive skin is removed (Diagram C). The remaining skin is pulled down over the abdomen to the lower incision line and sutured in place. A new umbilicus (belly button) is inscribed and sutured into position.

A diagram with green coloring highlighting the abdomen.This surgery can be more limited if indeed the anatomical presentation permits. For example, when no muscle tightening and limited skin excision is required, and when no repositioning of the umbilicus is necessary, a so called mini abdominoplasty may be performed. The details of this type of procedure will be reviewed with you at the time of your consultation if you are indeed this type of candidate.

A drain is routinely placed under the skin flap and an abdominal support binder is utilized at the completion of the surgery. The drain is routinely removed within a week while the binder is worn for approximately 4 weeks to help reduce postoperative discomfort and swelling.

Expect postoperative discomfort if the muscles have been tightened. Strict instructions will be given prior to discharge in order to make your recovery process as comfortable as possible.

A diagram of an abdomen with pink highlighted areas.Most patients return to work within 10 days following their surgery and, as with all types of surgery, there are inherent potential risks, limitations and expectations associated with an abdominoplasty type procedure which will be thoroughly reviewed by Dr. Lacey prior to surgical intervention. Smoking, diabetes and a few other select medical conditions increase the risk of this particular type of cosmetic procedure. The potential need to remove any fluid collection following drain removal can be easily accomplished within the office setting.

Other Options

A diagram highlighting incisions that are made during abdominoplasty surgery.In some cases liposuction alone may be effective (alternatively a mini abdominoplasty); this can be performed in the office and offers a significantly reduced recovery time. Other options include our new VelaShape® technology, which is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite without surgery or downtime. In addition to this, the NEW THERMAGE TIPS can be very effective in obtaining the desired results.

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