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Side Effects of Plastic Surgery: Bruising

By Dr. James Lacey on August 06, 2017

A woman “pinching an inch” on her upper legFrom body contouring designed to give patients the proportional figures they desire to state-of-the-art breast enhancement and facial rejuvenation surgery, Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. He combines years of experience, advanced training, and exceptional surgical skills with the latest technologies and techniques to ensure the safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction of his patients. He does everything within his power to keep the risk of complications and side effects to an absolute minimum.

Even so, every surgical procedure in medicine, no matter how minimally invasive, carries some degree of risk, and certain side effects range from possible to extremely common. Among the most common of these side effects is bruising. Dr. Van Wyck discusses the issue of plastic surgery and bruising during consultations at his Ottawa, ON plastic surgery practice so that patients know precisely what to expect before committing to any procedure. He tells patients that a certain amount of bruising after surgery is natural and to be expected. Fortunately, it is also temporary and generally subsides within a week or so of any given procedure, depending on how extensive the procedure is.

If you are interested in undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, be it for the face, the body, or the breasts, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck today.

Bruising after Plastic Surgery

Just as no two patients are alike, no two patients heal alike after plastic surgery. Two patients who undergo exactly the same procedure may experience very different side effects. One patient may experience significant bruising while the other may experience little to no bruising. The extent to which you may experience bruising will depend on several factors, such as:

  • The procedure you undergo and the technique Dr. Van Wyck uses to perform it: Every plastic surgery procedure can produce some bruising, from a mini facelift to a full body lift. However, a patient who undergoes the former is likely to experience less bruising than a patient who undergoes the latter. Still, there are no guarantees in plastic surgery. While the odds are good that you will experience less bruising with a minimally invasive procedure, you may still experience significant bruising.
  • Your body’s capacity for healing: Some bodies heal more efficiently than others. Your body’s capacity for healing is influenced by your genetic makeup, immune system, lifestyle, overall health, and many other factors. The average person should expect to experience some bruising.
  • Your willingness and ability to follow Dr. Van Wyck’s post-surgical instructions diligently: Dr. Van Wyck will give you detailed instructions on how to promote timely healing after your surgery. You must follow these instructions extremely carefully. Doing so will help to minimize your bruising, as well as to ensure that any bruising you experience subsides as quickly as possible. Among Dr. Van Wyck’s instructions will be the recommendation to walk as much as you can during the first week after your surgery. This will help to improve your blood circulation and reduce bruising.

Learn More about Plastic Surgery and Bruising

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