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Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift: Which Is Right for You?

By Dr. James Lacey on May 07, 2017

A woman's cleavageThose who wish to improve the size, shape, firmness, or overall appearance of the breasts may benefit from breast surgery, like breast augmentation or a breast lift. Both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can enhance the appearance of the breasts, but each addresses different issues. When choosing between breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, it is important to understand the difference in order to choose the best procedure for your needs.

During personal consultations, Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck discusses patient goals to help you decide between breast augmentation versus breast lift surgery. To find out which procedure is right for you, contact our Ottawa, ON office at your earliest convenience.

The Difference between Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery

Both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can improve the appearance of the breasts by addressing different issues. Breast augmentation is used to enhance the size and roundness of the breasts by increasing cup size with saline or silicone implants. Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is used rejuvenate the bust line by lifting sagging breasts. Breast lift surgery does not increase the size of the breasts and breast augmentation does not lift sagging breasts.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery is easily tailored to the needs of each patient, allowing for as drastic or as subtle enhancement as desired. Breast implants can be selected based on size, shape (round or tear drop), and type (saline or silicone). There are also different techniques to perform breast augmentation surgery, allowing patients flexibility in their treatment.

Breast implants may be inserted into the breasts through an incision made under each breast or in each underarm. Once the incision is made, the implant is inserted and adjusted for an even, natural looking appearance. Once the desired location is achieved, the incisions are closed and the breasts are bandaged.

The Breast Lift Procedure 

The breast lift procedure is used to remove excess breast tissue to reduce sagging and lift the bust line. Using different incision techniques, the breast lift procedure may be tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

During the breast lift procedure, incisions may be made in a donut shape around the areola, an anchor shape, or a lollipop shape. From these incisions, excess tissue is removed and the breast tissues are tightened. The nipples will be repositioned to match the new lifted position of the breasts and the size of the areola may be reduced if the patient desires. Once the proper adjustments are made, the incisions are sutured closed and the breasts are bandaged. 

Candidates for Breast Surgery

Candidates for breast augmentation or breast lift surgery should be healthy enough to undergo surgery and be free of such medical conditions as cardiovascular disease or uncontrolled diabetes. Ideal candidates for either surgery should have a healthy relationship with plastic surgery and realistic expectations.

Candidates for breast augmentation includes those who wish to enhance the size, shape, firmness, or volume of their breasts. Candidates for breast lift surgery include patients with sagging breasts, whether from age, breast feeding, or weight loss.

It's not uncommon for women undergoing breast augmentation or breast lift surgery to want to increase both the volume and perkiness of their breasts. Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery may be combined to address both breast size and drooping for complete breast enhancement.   

Find out Which Treatment Is Right for You

For more information about breast augmentation or breast lift surgery, or to find out which treatment is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Van Wyck.

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