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Breast Lift Techniques to Revitalize the Bust Line

By Dr. James Lacey on December 06, 2016

Breast lift incision marksMany women are dissatisfied with the overall appearance of the breasts. In many cases, these concerns relate to the size of the breasts. Breasts that are too small or too large can affect body proportions and prevent women from achieving their ideal figure. However, the lift of the breasts also greatly contributes to the contour of the breasts and body. If the breasts sag or sit too low on the chest wall, a woman may look aged beyond her years. Breast lift surgery gives the breasts a perkier, more youthful appearance by lifting the breasts and repositioning the nipple. At his plastic surgery practice, Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck offers three breast lift techniques to our Ottawa, ON patients. These techniques allow Dr. Van Wyck to provide patients with the personalized results they desire.

Breast Lift Technique Options

Every patient’s body is unique, as is the patient’s desired plastic surgery results. Therefore, it is important to provide patients with surgical options that allow Dr. Van Wyck to most closely meet their unique needs and desires. For breast lift surgery, we offer three techniques. These techniques employ a different surgical incision that offers its own unique benefits. Below are the three types of breast lift techniques offered by Dr. Van Wyck:

  • The extended technique: The extended technique is the most traditional method of breast lift surgery. This technique uses the largest surgical incision of the three techniques, but also allows for the most comprehensive alterations. The extended technique employs three incisions. The first incision circles around the areola. The second incision starts at the bottom, center of the areola, and extends down to the base of the breast. The third incision extends across the bottom of the breast in the crease near the chest wall. This incision pattern is often referred to as the anchor technique. Through these three incisions, Dr. Van Wyck can remove excessive breast skin, reposition the nipple and areola, and lift the breasts to improve their contour.
  • The vertical technique: The vertical technique is similar to the extended technique, except it is done without the third incision across the bottom of the breast. Rather, there is an incision placed around the areola and then another down the center of the areola toward the bottom of the breast. This incision pattern, also known as the lollipop technique, is best suited for women with mild to moderate sagging.
  • The periareolar technique: The periareolar technique uses a single incision that encircles the areola. This technique leaves behind the smallest and most discreet scar. However, the periareolar technique also allows for only a small degree of alteration. The nipple can be repositioned using this technique and the breasts can be slightly lifted. This technique is a great option for women with only mild sagging, but anything more drastic will be more successfully treated with the vertical or extended technique.

Choosing the breast lift technique that is right for each patient involves a careful consideration of the patient’s wishes, the quality of the breast skin, and the amount of breast tissue that is present. Dr. Van Wyck has successfully helped many women improve the lift and contour of their breasts by utilizing the most appropriate breast lift technique. He is happy to do the same for any patient that comes to our practice.

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If droopy, saggy breasts have you feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of your bust line, it is time to consider breast lift surgery. To find out if you are an ideal candidate for this cosmetic procedure, and which breast lift technique may be right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck at your earliest convenience.

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