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Considering Corrective Surgery: Candidates for Breast Implant Revision

By Dr. James Lacey on May 07, 2016

A topless woman with her arms crossed over her breastsDr. Lloyd Van Wyck is a trusted name in plastic surgery and cosmetic skin care treatments. Serving people in and around Ottawa, we have been able to reverse signs of aging and achieve exceptional results using the latest surgical techniques and the latest advanced in nonsurgical skin care.

Many patients come to the practice for cosmmetic breast surgery to enhance their curves. Excellent results are possible, but sometimes corrective surgery is necessary. Let's consider breast implant revision and what it means for patients right now.

What Is Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision refers to a corrective procedure that is performed in order to improve the overall results of an initial breast augmentation surgery. This secondary surgery can be done to address health-related issues as well as aesthetic issues.

Is Revision Surgery Common?

Not very, though there are many different reasons why the procedure may be performed. As noted, changes in aesthetics and medical necessities will dictate the need for breast implant revision.

We always work carefully in the pre-planning and post-op phase of breast augmentation to help ensure lasting, positive results. That means noting the size and shape of the breast implants, and considering long term results of the procedure and how it is performed. This longview approach to cosmetic surgery reduces the likelihood of a future revision procedure and also leads to better patient satisfaction.

Breast Implant Revision Following Capsular Contracture

One reason why breast implant revision may be performed is capsular contracture. This refers to the formation of scar tissue around the breast implant and the compression of the implant. This results in changes in breast shape, an unnaturally firm texture to the breast, and serious pain. During revision surgery, the old implant is removed and replaced.

Breast Implant Revision Due to Rupture or Leakage

Whenever someone experiences a severe blow to the chest or torso, there's a chance that a breast implant may have ruptured. With saline breast implants, patients will notice that their breasts will change shape, looking less firm and sagging; with silicone breast implants, rupture or leakage is much harder to detect. A revision surgery is performed in order to replace the damaged implants.

Breast Implant Revision to Correct Asymmetry

Poor results after breast augmentation can lead to uneven breast size or shape. In order to correct size or shape asymmetry, a revision surgery can be performed. This may involve a replacement of the implant, or it could involve breast lift surgery. The ideal approach will be determined by the needs of the patient.

Breast Implant Revision for Bottoming Out

Bottoming out occurs years after the initial breast augmentation procedure. The effects of gravity and age can lead to the breast implant drooping below the lower pocket that was created for it during surgery. (This is more common with large breast implants than small ones.) A revision for bottoming out will involve reposition the breast implant in the breast pocket and using sutures or other techniques to prevent slippage or gradual descent from the pocket.

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