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The Cheek Augmentation Procedure: Enhancing Your Facial Features

By Dr. James Lacey on November 04, 2015

A women with a symmetrical faceDr. Lloyd Van Wyck is a leading plastic surgeon serving patients throughout the Ottawa area. The practice offers the latest in facial cosmetic surgery to reduce wrinkles and fight advanced age, allowing patients to look their very best in the process.

We've received a number of questions of late about the nature of cheek augmentation surgery and what it involves. Let's go over the basics of the surgical procedure right now.

What Is Cheek Augmentation Surgery?

Cheek augmentation surgery refers to the use of facial implants to alter the shape or enhance the prominence of a patient's cheekbones. The procedure is a great option for patients who would like to achieve a more sculpted appearance and add greater definition and character to their face.

Ideal Candidates for Cheek Augmentation Surgery

The best candidates for cheek augmentation surgery are people who would like to enhance the look of their cheekbones. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from medical conditions that would cause facial plastic surgery to be a risk to general health and wellness. It's important that patients be aware of all risks and benefits associated with the procedure so they have realistic expectations about the entire process.

Creating a Custom Cheekbone Implant

Cheekbone implants are never one-size-fits-all. Like other facial implants, the cheekbone implants are custom crafted to meet the diverse needs of the patient. The implants can be created from a variety of materials in order to help patients look their very best. During the consultation process, we can go over the different materials that could be used and determine the right size and shape of implants to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Different Ways of Performing Surgery

There are different ways of performing cheek augmentation surgery based on the needs of the patient.

If a patient is only getting cheek augmentation surgery, the incisions to insert and position the implants are placed into of the mouth or along the lower eyelids.

If a patient is undergoing other kinds of facial surgeries in addition to the cheek augmentation, the cheek implants can be placed using these other incisions. For example, if a patient is undergoing a traditional facelift, the cheekbone implants will be placed using the incisions made near the ears and along the lower portion of the hairline.

As with the implant type and its shape, we can discuss incision options with you in more detail during the consultation process.

What to Expect During Cheek Augmentation Recovery

During cheek augmentation recovery, patients can expect some soreness and discomfort around the incision sites and in the cheek area. This should subside after several days, and patients should notice pain becoming more tolerable as the healing process progresses. Bruising and swelling is also common after surgery, though bruising should have subsided after two weeks, with swelling fading over the course of a month.

Full recovery and healing information will be given to you during the initial consultation for cheek augmentation surgery so you can make the best decisions about your aesthetic options and overall wellness.

Learn More About Cheek Augmentation Surgery

To learn more about cheek augmentation surgery and your many other options for enhancing your facial features and overall appearance, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery centre today. Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck and the entire team at the practice look forward to your visit and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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