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Who Is a Candidate for Chin Augmentation Surgery?

By Dr. James Lacey on October 06, 2015

A beautiful woman in profilePatients place their trust in Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck because of his strong reputation throughout Ottawa. He routinely achieves excellent results through facial plastic surgery, reducing wrinkles and helping patients look younger.

Facial plastic surgery can also improve general facial symmetry and appearance. With that in mind, let's focus on chin augmentation and the difference that it can make.

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a surgery that is performed in order to improve the overall appearance of the chin and jawline. This might mean adding prominence to the chin, or it could mean altering the shape of the chin so that it is more symmetrical or balanced with the rest of the face. The surgery involves the use of a facial implant in the chin, which allows various kinds of aesthetic needs to be addressed.

How Facial Implants Work

Facial implants are made from a variety of materials and are made to be placed around the face in order to add prominence or definition to the features. The most common kinds of facial implants are placed in the lips, cheekbones, and chin. Every facial implant can be customized as needed to fit the aesthetic goals of the patient.

General Candidacy for Chin Augmentation

Good candidates for chin augmentation are people who are in relatively good dental health who would like to improve the overall appearance of their chin. They should be in good health overall and not suffer from any kinds of conditions that would make a facial cosmetic surgery such as chin augmentation a potential health risk.

Ideal for Problems with Recessed Chins

If a patient has a chin that is not particularly prominent, chin augmentation is a perfect solution. The chin implant can be made subtly so that the patient's chin is more prominent without being too jarring or unnatural. Even just a slight change to the jawline and chin area can have a significant and positive impact on the appearance.

Potential Alternative to Rhinoplasty

In a number of cases, people who have very prominent noses also have weak chins and ill-defined jawlines. As a potential alternative to a rhinoplasty, it's sometimes recommended that patients consider chin augmentation instead. This can work wonders for the overall look of a person's face.

Realistic Expectations Are Important

While chin augmentation can accomplish many great things, it's of the utmost importance that patients have realistic expectations about the nature of the surgery. This includes understanding the recovery process and knowing where incisions are likely to be placed. This often helps patients have better satisfaction with the procedure overall.

Knowing the Risks and Benefits

Before undergoing any kind of procedure, patients should also know full well the various risks and benefits. With chin augmentation, the benefits include improved appearance and confidence, while the risks include infection, poor aesthetic results, and the need for a revision procedure. We can elaborate on all of these things with you during a consultation.

Learn More About Chin Augmentation Surgery

For more information about your options when it comes to advanced dental care, we encourage you to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck and the team at the practice look forward to your visit and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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