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The Different Techniques for Thigh Lift Surgery

By Dr. James Lacey on August 04, 2015

A woman in a red and white bikini at the beachDr. Lloyd Van Wyck is proud to offer patients throughout the greater Ottawa area the chance to look their very best. This is often achieved through advanced cosmetic procedures that enhance, lift, and tighten a patient's appearance. Much of this is thanks to body contouring surgery that eliminates wrinkles, stretchmarks, and sagging skin.

One very helpful body contouring procedure that can make a major difference is the thigh lift (thighplasty). Let's consider this surgery and the many different ways that it can be performed.

About Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery is a procedure that is performed in order to tighten and tone the overall appearance of the thighs. With advanced age and as a result of weight gain or weight loss, it's possible for the thighs to become droopy, saggy, or poorly contoured in some fashion.

By undergoing thigh lift surgery, patients will be able to have the skin of their upper leg area tightened, removing wrinkles and loose skin and creating a better toned and trim appearance overall in the process.

Different Kinds of Surgeries for Different Patient Needs

The needs of each patient differ, which is why there are different types of thigh lift surgery that can be performed, each specifically targeting different portions of the upper leg area.

Let's cover the various thigh lift options that may be considered below. During your consultation at our practice, we will help determine which type of thigh lift would be most ideal for you and your needs.

Inner Thigh Lift Surgery

The inner thigh lift is an ideal surgical option for the inner thigh area. During this procedure, an incision is made in the area that the thigh meets the groin. Using this incision, a cosmetic surgeon is able to remove excess skin and enhance the overall appearance of the thigh area in the process.

Mini Thigh Lift Surgery

A mini thigh lift is a variation on the traditional thigh lift used to reduce sagging in the upper third of the thigh. The surgery involves an incision made along the groin area, which allows the surgeon the ability to remove excess skin and revise underlying structures of the thigh with ease.

Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery

The bilateral thigh lift is intended to address the outer thigh area, particularly the front and outer portions of the thigh. During the bilateral thigh lift, an incision is made at the top of the leg, typically along the area where the bottom portion of a bikini or a pair off briefs would be located. Placing the incision at this area allows the outer and frontal portions of the thigh to be properly treated.

Medial Thigh Lift Surgery

The medial thigh lift is ideal for major sagging of the inner and upper thigh area. The procedure will involve an incision that extends along the groin area to the crease of the buttocks. In some cases, the groin incision extends to the front up to hip area.

Liposuction of the Thighs

If just a little bit of problematic fat is your problem, a thigh lift can be foregone and a cosmetic surgeon may recommend liposuction of the thigh area instead. Thigh liposuction can give you the trim, tones, and better contoured legs you've always wanted.

Learn More About Thigh Lift Surgery

For more information about thigh lift surgery and how it can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery centre today. Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck looks forward to your visit and helping you look your very best.

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