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Various Techniques for Personalized Breast Surgery

By Dr. James Lacey on May 21, 2015

Close-up of beautiful woman’s torso Dr. Lloyd Van Wyck understands that a shapely figure is important for your self-esteem. If you are not happy with your body, it can affect your emotional well being and your interactions with others. For this reason, he offers personalized breast surgery, tailored to your particular goals. Breast reduction is one of the most popular procedures at our practice. If you have disproportionately large breasts, this surgery can improve your appearance, reduce physical discomfort, and help you feel great about your figure. Dr. Van Wyck can perform this procedure using several different techniques. He will evaluate your goals, body type, and skin elasticity. Together, you will determine the most suitable breast reduction method. To learn more about breast reduction techniques, contact our Ottawa practice today.

Anchor Pattern Breast Reduction

The anchor pattern technique is the traditional form of breast reduction. Using this method, Dr. Van Wyck will create an incision running along your breast crease. A second incision will extend up your breast and around your nipple and areola. Through the incisions, your surgeon will eliminate excess fat, muscle, and skin. If needed, he will trim skin from around your areola to give it a more defined and proportionate shape. Typically, he will also relocate your nipple and areola. He will place them higher up, so they match the new shape and contours of your breast.

The anchor pattern technique will provide the most dramatic results. The disadvantage is that this technique results in more scarring than other breast reduction methods. However, Dr. Van Wyck will position the incisions in a way that will minimize visible scars. In virtually all cases, you will be able to hide them under a swimsuit.

Vertical Incision Breast Reduction

A vertical incision breast reduction may be a more suitable choice if you only need a moderate amount of tissue removal. This technique is also called a short-scar or lollipop breast reduction. To perform this method, Dr. Van Wyck will make an incision around your areola and down to the bottom of your breast. From there, the procedure is similar to the anchor pattern method.

Your surgeon cannot achieve the same dramatic results with this method that he can with a traditional breast reduction. However, the vertical incision technique results in less visible scarring. It also involves a shorter recovery than the anchor incision pattern method. Therefore, if you only want a moderate change, you may be a great candidate for this technique.

Scarless Breast Reduction

During scarless breast reduction, Dr. Van Wyck will perform liposuction to eliminate excess fat tissue. Scarless breast reduction does not involve the removal of extra muscle or fat tissue. It also does not involve relocating your nipple and areola. However, the procedure leaves no scarring and requires only a few days of recovery. It may be a good option if you desire a more subtle change in your figure.

Which Breast Reduction Technique Is Right for You?

The right breast reduction technique will depend on several factors. First, you and Dr. Van Wyck will consider the natural size of your breasts. As stated above, if want the most dramatic change, you may benefit from an anchor pattern technique. The doctor will also examine the natural elasticity of your breast tissue. As a candidate for scarless breast reduction, you should have fairly supple skin, since this will help your breasts look smooth and youthful after your surgery. Finally, you should consider your own goals and concerns. If you are strongly averse to visible scarring, you may choose the second or third breast reduction technique. Dr. Van Wyck will guide you and help you choose the right method to achieve your dream figure.

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