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I had been thinking about having  work done on my noise for many many years, but had always been afraid of having surgery (I have never had any surgery in my enter life, no cast for broken bones or even tonsils removed). In 2014  I had my 50th birthday and decide I had put this decision off long enough, and was finally going to look into it .

Right from my first call and speaking with Cathy to book an initial consultation; was a pleasant and reassuring conversation. She explained exactly what to expect from the moment I walked in to the office to sitting down with Dr. Van Wyk.  A week prior to my appointment I received a pleasant reminder from Cathy of my upcoming appointment, which I appreciated.

From the moment I walked into the office I felt welcomed and in good hands.

When I met with Dr Van Wyk the first thing that impressed me the most was he actually listened to what I was hoping to have done. He answered all my questions, and was very upfront with what I could and could not expect. He explained very clearly what would be involved with my potential surgery. He was also very thorough in finding out about my medical history and test that would be needed .Not once did I ever feel like I was being pressured to move forward. I knew by the end of our meeting I had found not only the right surgeon but my surgeon

 I felt so confident and at easy  with my decision; during the entire month leading up to my operation not once was I anxious, nervous or even had any second thoughts. Even the day of my surgery Dr Van Wyk and his team were so amazing and reassuring I wasn’t even nervous in the operating room.

Immediately after my operation; and my subsequent follow up meetings were just amazing and caring.

Since then I have taken advantage of several other services offered by Dr Van Wyk and his amazing team (Cathy, Liz, Dianna; and a special thank you to Shannon who has given me the completion I have always wanted.)

Dr Van Wky and is team practice such a high level of patient care and service that I  have never  experienced elsewhere .



I want to thank each one of you for making my procedure a very positive experience. Thank you to the friendly and knowledgeable receptionists, nurses and of course Dr.Van Wyck, for giving me a body I never dreamed I could have. 

A truly happy client. 


I  enjoyed my experience  and i was totally amazed at the result of my surgery.  I can’t believe how much younger I look .It was a total success. I received excellent service from the staff and Dr. Van Wyck.

 They were professional and caring and i would recommend the eye surgery to anyone.

Thank you again

Rae Palmer

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